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We are an architecture and design office based in Portugal, with a depth of field and imagination towards the horizon.


Every project starts a new page to our story. Still, it also resonates with a common drive: the thrifty relation between planning and budget, by working with BIM technology and parametric design software, and mostly, the holistic pursuit of Sustainability, by applying strategies with local, social, innovative ecological impact.


Our structure comprises members who gathered 10+ years of experience working on projects in all different scales, programs and throughout the world, in places like Austria, Germany, the USA, Brazil, China and Portugal, where home is.

Among other pompous words, one of our favourites is “We”, as in:


We are committed to our clients, cherishing regulations and engagements.

We are serious but also, enjoying being playful, poetic, calm, yet exciting.

We work with light, sound, wind, space, letting nature in, to become the lead actor.

We believe in sustainability, energy-neutral buildings, incorporating natural resources and textures.

We reuse, reduce and reproduce resources, looking back to tradition, looking forward to innovation.


Nature is our driving force, and we want to use it to feel closer to it, even if within an urban context.

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